Plant-based organic JUNK food – What’s wrong with this picture?

How many times have you “made up your mind” you’re going to eat healthier, exercise more, and stick to it “this time?” Do you think you do “pretty good” at eating healthy? Do you have a pot belly, love handles, thunder thighs, or junk in the trunk? Maybe you’re not doing it “so right” after all.

Let’s take an inside look at the junky and processed “organic” and “plant-based” foods, beverages, and even supplements, that cause long-term health “firewalls” you may never get through if you don’t quit them. You can’t just eat anything that says it’s organic or plant-based and assume it’s good for you. Let’s dig in to the truth now.

Most veggie burgers, energy drinks, and energy bars are loaded with junk-science, processed ingredients

Take most veggie and vegan burgers, for example. These junk-food beasts are loaded with processed “plant-based” foods, canola oil, cousins of MSG, and are often sold by companies that sold out to corporate America. Trust us here when we say these companies do not want you healthy. They’re all auspiciously connected to the sick-care-industrial-complex somewhere along the way.

Then there’s the “impossible burger” with it’s freaky Frankenfood-style lab origins. They could label it “the most healthy food on the planet” and you still shouldn’t go anywhere near it. That’s actually GMO, in case you didn’t know. Still, you could go vegetarian or vegan, but if all you eat is sugary treats and canola-laden processed foods, you still won’t be healthy.

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Even most of the organic, plant-based “energy” bars still often contain brown sugar, maple syrup, cane sugar, chocolate chips, and lots of other empty calories. Great. So you get that energy in the form of sugar, only to crash later. That’s organic junk food working on you.

Do you take multi-vitamins like One-A-Day, Centrum, Equate, or other corporate-baked-dead supplements? You’re wasting your money. Check their “other ingredients” also for toxins such as gelatin, talc, aspartame, and sucralose.

Know the food poisons and you’ll know your enemies

Let’s start with eliminating all canola oil (even “expeller-pressed” and organic) from your intake. This is very important. All canola oil coagulates in your blood like oil in a pan after you’re done cooking and it cools. Imagine that in your heart and brain while you try to jog and think about what matters most to you.

According to an in-depth science-based study, canola oil causes memory loss, weight gain, and dementia. Watch out for tons of products like this sold at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods, even under their brand name products.

Then, cut out all artificial sweeteners, including sucralose, aspartame, and saccharin. Yes, that means Equal, Splenda, and Sweet-N-Low. These all contain synthetic ingredients created in a laboratory by scientists who are paid to sicken folks who are trying to “diet.” Sorry, but it’s true. Know your enemy.

Next, you’re going to stop eating processed, refined sugar, even though you checked to see if it was “USDA certified organic.” If it’s not coming in naturally with your fruit or a Stevia leaf, then it’s most likely going to create road blocks to ideal health, weight, energy, and mood balance. Sugar fiends’ dopamine levels drop off when the sugar runs out, like smokers when the nicotine wears off, so let’s get back to basics, folks. Know your enemy.

Cut out the gluten as much as possible. Just because you buy organic bread, pasta, cereal, and tortilla doesn’t mean that gluten isn’t still stopping up your intestines and rotting all the rest of the food in your system after 24 hours. Put back those bagels and muffins from Starbucks. There’s a reason they look perfect and shiny all day in the display case at the counter.

Are you at the health food store now? Is your cart or carry basket full of sugary “organic” cereals, and snack bars, and jams and jellies, or chips and cookies? Organic diet soda isn’t going to cut it either. Neither will the fruit juices or organic vegan “ice cream.” Cancer feeds off sugar first. That’s it’s main source, then food chemicals. Know your enemy.

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