Exposed: GMOs may change you, for the worse

Apples and potatoes have joined the ranks of GMO produce. That’s right, two of America’s most favorite crops have been genetically engineered to not turn brown after being sliced. This was accomplished by mutating their genetic makeup and utilizing double-stranded RNA (dsRNA) to disable the “browning gene.” It’s not a gene though, its enzymes that react with oxygen, and it’s totally normal. A browned apple is not a spoiled apple, so there was really no reason for this development, other than to spread the consumption of GMOs a little further.

What’s truly frightening is that the USDA has approved these items for human consumption. There have been no tests or trials, so the public at large will be their guinea pigs. A study done in Brazil found that honeybees that consumed just one meal including dsRNA experienced adverse changes in their physiology and health, as well as their behavior.

There’s a very real possibility that these GMO apples and potatoes could radically change the way we think, feel and behave – without us ever knowing about it.

Since there are no labeling laws throughout the majority of the US, you probably won’t ever know what you’re eating.


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