Big Biotech wants your sympathy to push their agenda

A senior Harvard professor warns that images of impoverished Africa may be used to push the GMO agenda.

Sheila Jasanoff, a professor of science and technology at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government points out that perception of a risk is all in how it’s framed.

GMO corporations want to frame their products as the cure to hunger and starvation in Africa. At the European Food Safety Conference and the Milan Expo, Jasanoff expertly commented, “If you think science’s mission is to save an entire country, then you can argue to deny that solution is to starve a continent.”

Framing is biotech’s key to getting people to accept GMOs, even though most of the GM food grown is used to feed livestock, not people. In 2013, then-environmental secretary of the UK, Owen Patterson, went so far as to say it would in fact be immoral for those of us in wealthy countries to not help still-developing countries with adopting GM technology.

Framing, indeed.


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