Top GMO lies, uncovered

In a world where money does most of the talking, it is hard to know what’s fact or fiction anymore. Big Biotech has put a lot of effort into ensuring that people believe in their products, but have they put any effort into actually making sure they’re safe? Here are the harsh truths about GMO products, and the lies they want you to believe.

The lie: Adequate testing has been performed on GMO products.

The truth: No long-term or independent studies on GMO products have shown to be safe. The companies who develop them cite their own flawed safety studies on GMOs.

The lie: GMO crops need fewer pesticides.

The truth: More than 80% of GMO crops are herbicide- or insect-resistant. This has resulted in superweeds and superpests, which need even more powerful chemicals to be fought.

The lie: We need GMOs to feed the world.

The truth: Most GMO products are used to feed livestock or to make biofuel. There are also many ideas to end world hunger that would be less harmful to the environment. Like making better use of the resources we do have.

And there you have it. These are some of the biggest arguments GMO supporters make, and there’s not an ounce of truth behind any of it.


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