Dust from GMO plants contains toxic mold

A farmer recently sent crop dust from his brother and father’s neighboring farms, where they grow Liberty Link and Roundup Ready corn, out for analysis. Crop dust is dirt and other pollutants that accumulate mainly during harvest season, and the farmer found it settling around his hog building. The results were so shocking; the lab actually contacted the farmer and told him that anyone working on the farm should be wearing a mask. Otherwise, they would be at major risk of developing serious illness.

You see, the crop dust contains high levels of toxic mold. These molds can cause allergies and serious illnesses. One strain, Aspergillus, can cause lung disease, pneumonia and asthma. These pollutants also kill off beneficial fungi normally found in the soil, and crops grown in such circumstances will be less nutritious than their clean, organic counterparts.

It’s also important to note that this dust can be easily spread by the wind throughout the surrounding area – contaminating surrounding farms and neighborhoods. Even if you don’t eat GMO foods, the dust can still make you sick.



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