Poland is the 10th EU country to ban GMOs

Poland has recently joined along with Germany, France and Italy by announcing their decision to ban GMO crops. They are now one of 10 European countries to opt out of the GMO crop cultivation market.

In March of 2015, the right for EU countries to opt out of GMO crops was agreed upon, and came into effect in April – as a means of compromise between pro and anti-GMO countries. The agreement allows countries to decide not to cultivate GM crops in order to protect the environment, health, consumer interests or internal markets.

A parallel proposal, agreed upon in April, also allows EU countries to decide whether or not they will allow GMO crops to be imported to their country.

Can the EU’s single market survive the split? Cross-border trade of crops, seeds and animals is a high-volume market. Border controls are nonexistent under the single-market umbrella, so it is hard to see how inevitable tensions between pro and anti GMO countries will be resolved when it comes to the trading market.

Recently Italy announced that they will also ban GMO crops…to stay updated with which countries are banning GMOs in the EU check out AlternativeNews.com




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