Pro-GMO left-wing socialist Jeremy Corbyn elected head of UK Labour Party (in landslide victory)

On Saturday, votes were tallied in the British party primary, and a man by the name of Jeremy Corbyn was elected by a landslide 251,417 votes (59.5%), to head the Labour Party.  The Labor Party is essentially the British version of our Democratic National Committee (DNC), but without the necessity, at least at face value, to deny their openly ambitious goals of modern socialism.

Jeremy Corbyn has left no time in declaring his ambitions for the position of Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, and his prospectively eerie goals include opening Great Britain up further to mass immigration, expanding their governmental programs and trade unions, and providing a “fair deal” to all, especially the poor and hungry.  A few saving graces can be found however in the fact that he has a strong record of being anti-war and is an admitted vegetarian, and will likely support the continual rejection of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as Monsanto tries to further push its way into European markets.

With this recent turn of events in the UK, Bernie Sanders’ welfare surge in America and the closet socialist Malcolm Turnbull dethroning Prime Minister Tony Abbott in Australia, the international political battlefield is beginning to reflect a growing outwardly Marxist sentiment, teeming across the world, as our global economic crisis continues to worsen and people look to centralized government as their solution.


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